Welcome to my blossom-e-Portfolio!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. First off my name is Stephanie Buckler and in the spring I will graduate from the University of Mary Washington with a B.A. in Classics with a concentration in Latin. After graduation, I will be pursing my Masters in Education through the same institution. After completing my Masters degree, I will then purse my goal of being a Latin teacher.

I have taken Latin since 2009, when I started my freshman year of high school. I first found the language through my older sister, who took the language in middle school and her first year of high school. I followed her choice in language because I wanted to prove I could get a better grade than her. Let’s just say, she made it easy, and I received A’s every year in Latin. By time junior year role around, I could not imagine my life without Latin, partly because of my amazing teacher. Therefore, I changed from the desire of being an architect to a Latin teacher.

Since then, I have tutored a handful of students raging from middle school students to college students. I am currently the peer tutor for Latin and in the K-12 endorsement education program at my university. I have observed three different high school Latin classes, levels II through upper level. In each teaching experience I have focused on a way to bring learning to life. I have taught interactive culture lessons, designed a student driven research project and taught fear clauses. As a peer tutor for elementary Latin, I have development multiple review games and made sure the tutees were doing the work instead of watching me repeat their professor’s lecture. The closest I have gotten to observing a middle school classroom is through the students I have tutored and my first practicum experience in high school through the Teachers for Tomorrow class offered at my school.

In my volunteer time, I have been a Big Sister in the Rappahannack’s chapter of the Bigs in School program. This past August I was a first time counselor at the Signs of Fun Camp. It was a great experience, and I cannot wait for the next session of the camp this year.

I have gotten to travel the country and the world a fair amount. I have visited nine states, and three countries. It is not a long list on places, but each have been a fun adventure that I hope to have many more of. My favorite travel experience would have to be visiting Italy and France, mostly because I got to see so much of what is felt of the Roman Forum and their expansions into their territories.

As for my e-Portfolio, I have titled it as “Bloom-e-Portfolio” for several reasons. The first being that I am a sucker for puns and metaphors. This portfolio shall grow as I do, therefore the metaphor to a flower seems rather fitting. I have a similar theme on my semi-professional site, Conversing Topics, where I make a twist on a cliché or common metaphor.

Throughout the semester, and onward I shall build my portfolio of lesson plans that I have done for the class, all of which highly encourage the use of technology of some sort. After the semester, I plan to add in other lesson plans I have done in the past, strengthening the roots so to speak, and continue to maintain the portfolio with my future lesson plans.

Enjoy smelling the roses, and watering the knowledge!

Stephanie the Gardner


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