Dear parent, principal, fellow teacher, student or reader,

Throughout my portfolio I have a theme of gardens. I adore puns and metaphors as a way to get my point across. I am fairly detailed in my explanations for different lesson plans with different digital tools implemented. With the exception of my Integrated Unit Plan, none of my lesson plans are cookie cutter examples. I explain my process of creating the tool and how it is used in the lesson plan. I highly encourage the collaboration between educators, but I do not give hand outs. I attempt to plant seeds of ideas in the minds of my colleagues.

Each classroom is different, either by the teacher’s style for instruction or the general atmosphere of the class. Therefore, any lesson plan I outline, may not work in someone else’s classroom. I want to spark understanding and adaptation, not give out a how to guide on gardening.

I hope you enjoy this blossom-e-portfolio, and please comment on anything you think is excellent, could you improvement or how you would alter it.


Stephanie the Gardner