Every fact you ever want to know is online. However, how can students know whether or not it’s true? Within Classics in particular, there are many sites that can tell you about the Roman gods, the mythology and some of the culture, but is it true? How can a student spot a fake site before they get points off on an assignment of incorrect facts?

Students need to be aware that most Latin or Classics related sites will have the same background or theme, but just because they all look the same, doesn’t mean each carries equal weight in accuracy. The important thing to check are the sources and the amount of ads on the page. The most important ones to check are those that have a different story than most sources. Each myth as a variant in stories from each author. It is important to know where the variant comes from.

In order to help students identify sources, I made a Source Evaluation poster that could be a part of a technology board. I created this evaluation source with the information attained from completing the Library of Congress Supporting Inquiry with Primary Sources module.