Just like plants, students need to be watered and given nutrition. But the water and nutrition we give students is not the same as the literal source we give plants. For us, the source of water and nutrition is lesson plans and units.

The lessons and unit plans that I shall create for the semester can be found here. For the semester I shall focus on one standard from the Virginia Department of Education’s Standards of Learning for Latin. This focused standard will be for level I Latin students and focus on the Linguistic and Cultural Comparison section of the standards.

LI.6 The student will compare basic elements of the Latin language to those of the English language.

  1. Recognize that the basic language patterns of Latin differ significantly from those of English.
  2. Recognize and interpret the Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes that appear in English words.
  3. Compare and contrast the sound systems of Latin and English.

I have chosen this standard because my favorite aspect of the language is the connection we make to our own. The other reason being, that within my field experience, I have yet to observe or teach a level I classroom. Therefore, I would like to prepare myself for the roads ahead. I have tutored students in level I and elementary Latin, but I have not guided them myself. This is the challenge I set for myself for the semester.