Most often or not the imperfect and future forms of sum and possum get lost in the vines. Sum and possum are highly important verbs that are overlooked or brushed over by instructors. This is highly alarming because sum and possum are fertilizer for the rest of verb formations, well sum more so than possum, but it is still important.

Therefore, the students have a day dedicated to the two irregular verbs. To help learn the imperfect tense for regular verbs, I know the saying “Ilene the imperfect sheep that goes ‘ba.'” For the irregular, I came up with the saying “Iren the irregular ram that goes ‘ra!'” This is to help students know that sum will not follow the pattern of “ebam”, but instead be “eram.” After the imperfect is well established the students will move onto learning the future form, which keeps the “r” from the imperfect pattern, and the “i” from the regular verb pattern.

After working through the formations, the students will review the imperfect and future form of sum and possum using kahoot! Another kahoot! is for reviewing the unit as a whole.

After the kahoot!, students will be split into groups to do a jigsaw translation. Two groups will have passages that contain future tense verbs and the other two will contain the imperfect tense. There are sentences with present tense verbs evenly split between the groups. After the students their section translated, then one member from each group will team up to form a new group, where each member has a different section of the translations. The students then work to put the story together in order.

At conclusion of the lesson, the final Bingo Bonus is revealed. If a student hears a sentence using the future or imperfect form of sum or possum, they are allowed to mark any one square.