For the summative assessment of this unit, students will complete a monster hunt quest. At the end of the future tense lesson, students made monsters with vocabulary words. These monsters are then used to create augmented reality through the Roar app. Instead of simply giving the students a test, they are required to circulate the room in search for different monsters that their classmates created.

These are the monsters I created, until I thought of the possibility of show casing student work.

Each monster has audio and text stating the question. Each monster is named after the artist and is noted on the answer sheet. I struggle of whether to number the monsters or have the order not matter. I decided on the latter, because then students do not have to worry about which order they record their answers. The only ones that matter for that are the chart answers.

Using the app, ROAR, scan this image to reveal the test question.

Roar is a rather easy app. It is originally for marketing, but works nicely for teachers and is more flexible than other augmented reality apps I have explored. I would highly recommend if not insist on using the app in a prior lesson, such as the imperfect one. I had not found Roar before altering that lesson plan to have QR codes instead of the cute images being the trigger for the additional information.