Latin and English different in many aspects. Verb conjugations is one of the ways. For English we have a normal way of conjugating verbs then some irregulars. However, in Latin there are six conjugation types: first through fourth, third -io and irregular.

Third -io is the trickiest conjugation to get down. Some times it acts like a third and other times it acts like a fourth conjugation. I’ve created a story to help students remember the strange behavior of third -io and reason verbs within the conjugation act the way they do. The story is interactive and made with SMARTboard Notebook 16.2. If you do not have the software, you will be unable to view the story. I have converted the Conjugation Story  to a PDF for those without SMART Notebook. You could still use the exercise as a cut paste activity. However, words are repeated from page to page and that is not noted in the word bank.

Originally I had used one of the games on the software, but due to uploading difficulties, changed it the one attached. I’m happier with the version posted because it has the full text box that I can decide whether my students see it or not. Secondly, my last slide is a game of sorting verbs into their proper polygon. In the original version I was only able one word per conjugation without having several repeats of the conjugations.

This lesson matches my standard because it addresses the different formality of verbs which greatly differs from English.