The other day I got to thinking of painting the classroom as a consequence of some kind of behavior. The relentless principal, Hamish Brewer, mentions how classrooms are not an appealing environment. In his first year of teaching, he painted the chairs in his classroom. Ron Clark mentions doing the same thing and then some by painting the walls of his classroom as well in his book, the Excellence 11. 

Therefore, why not reward students with outstanding characteristics by allowing the student to paint part of the classroom. I have seen schools that allow ceiling tile painting as an end of the year fundraiser. Before implementing this practice, I’d of course check with the school board. But if permitted, I could offer painting a brick of the classroom as a reward or a ceiling tile or chair or desk. I could have guidelines as to whether it needs to be related to the class content or simply any school appropriate piece of art.

Possible characteristics could be any student with an “A” at the end of the year gets to paint the following part of the classroom. This could also be a reward for a class that has the highest streak for something. The possibilities are enormous and I hope to one day have this reward as an option in my classroom.

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