Every option we give to students is an opportunity for them to expand their knowledge. It allows them to take control of their learning and expand upon it. Those taken opportunities will then grow to more opportunities can take.

In my classroom, Opportunities are alternative, optional, extra – whatever you want to call them – assignments. Opportunities can range in size. They can be large ones, such as projects, or small ones, such as playing bingo outside of class. When a student completes an Opportunity, they have the option to choose their reward. It can be anything from extra credit, to a homework pass, or getting to listen to music during independent practice. I refrain from snacks or candy as a reward, because I do not know from whom else a student is getting such things from. I will agree to baking something, if all the students have taken an opportunity, but not to the individual.

The goal with Opportunities is to encourage inquisitive behavior in students.

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